Start menu search is underappreciated

I'm running Windows 2008 on my Fujitsu S7220, using it to test various blog and CMS solutions, and it's a great OS.  As much as I love XP, I'm really impressed with a lot of the UI improvements that went into Vista (which flowed into 2008 and is improved even more in Windows 7).  I don't hear a ton of talk about it, and I get the feeling that a lot of people who grumble about Vista (Becky!) just haven't taken the time to learn their new surroundings.  One thing I didn't realize I use all the time was the searchable start menu.  No more sorting your start menu to make things easier to find-it's a built-in quick launch that doesn't suck.  Luckily, for people running XP, there's hope.  LifeHacker featured a download called ViStart (clever…), which gives XP users the useful bits without needing to upgrade.  I'm going to slipstream this onto my next XP image-that's still 90% of all the installations I do at work.  Most of the Vista-on-XP programs out there are kinda hokey and just for show, but this one brings some really useful functionality back to the most widely used desktop OS.