Problems Deploying Adobe Acrobat Via Sysprepped Image

After installing Adobe Acrobat XI to an image in audit mode, after finishing the sysprep process and installing it onto a new PC, Acrobat will not run.  It gives an error stating that the user should uninstall and reinstall, or talk to their systems administrator.

Turns out, it's because the permissions aren't being properly set on the ProgramData folder that Acrobat writes to when it tries to present the end user with the license agreement and registration form.

All that's needed is to take ownership of the directory, and then to grant the Users group modify permissions on C:\ProgramData\Adobe, either through the GUI or by running

takeown /f "C:\ProgramData\Adobe" /a /r /d y
icacls "C:\ProgramData\Adobe" /grant Users:F /t

Now, after finishing the sysprep process and installing, Acrobat functions as expected upon first run.