Still No Great Windows Tablets?

I'm really disappointed with Dell on this one.  Latitude 10 tablets could be great, except they're artificially capped at 2GB of ram.  At least they're relatively cheap, or you can spend more for one with Windows 8 Pro and a stylus.

It looks like Acer has a quiet winner with the Acer Iconia W700, plopping in Core i series chips (instead of Atoms) and 4GB of ram.  However, it seems to have a number of drawbacks that make it a nice lightweight laptop but not a great tablet.  The Iconia W510 seems to be a better choice for tablet-y uses.

The HP Envy X2 gets good reviews, but still maxes out at 2GB of ram.

Samsung's offering is over $1000, and lacks some features standard on much cheaper competitors.

Sadly, there's no magic device that has everything and is able to keep the price down to throw-away levels.  IT folks are waiting with bated breath for Haswell tablets to start getting churned out.